I Love Crossway’s Scripture Journals

There was a time that I used to have to spend hours trying to format books of the Bible on 8×11 paper for study and annotating. Copying, double spacing, formatting verse marks, margins, and fonts, numbering pages, printing–I did it all, and spent many an hour doing so. I was happy to be able to have that kind of access to the Word of God, but would find myself frustrated from having to fight with my formatting software and printer for hours to get the desired result.

I had a journaling Bible with extra large side margins, but I found the pages to be a bit too thin, and the text too small, for what I needed. I was looking for some freedom to be messy with my annotating and highlighting, but did not want to damage a whole Bible with my note taking, which is what led me to using 8×11 printer paper versions of the Text.

Enter the Crossway Scripture Journals in 2018. I fell in love instantly!

The Crossway Scripture Journals are single books of the Bible printed on thick paper, with one page of text next to a blank page for notes. The text is large and the margins wide, making them ideal for annotating. The paper works very well with my micron pens, and gives me ample space for highlighting and note taking.

The books are paperback, but feel sleek and sturdy–just right for digging into with study.

Each one is available for the cost of less than an hour’s worth of minimum wage, making them a wonderful resource to grab a few at a time for personal study, taking sermon notes, or sharing with a friend. You can purchase them one at a time or as whole Old Testament or New Testament set.

Crossway has now made my job a simple one, and has saved me from having a showdown with my formatting software each time that I begin a new book.

The New Testament is available in the “illuminated” version, which includes colored and gold-embossed covers and the occasional beautifully scripted verse in the margins.

This is not a sponsored post, just simply one to share and express how helpful these Scripture journals have been to me in my personal study.

If you are looking for an affordable, practical copy of the Scriptures for study or note-taking, I recommend Crossway’s Scripture Journals to you!

2 thoughts on “I Love Crossway’s Scripture Journals”

  1. I think these journals/scriptures would be very helpful. You would have all the information at your fingertips! I can see why you enjoy them so much.

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