Prayer of Petition IX – Advent

“Come, as You came as God Incarnate, 

Reside in our hearts.

Dwell in our homes.

Be near us in our gardens. 

Carry us through the valleys, 

Up the steep mountain slopes.

Gather with us around the feasting table, O Thou our Living Bread. Anoint our souls as Your precious temples. Be always in us and close by us.

You dwelt in the lowly manger, the crossbeams meant for feeding earthly beasts. Into the most humble of places You came. Come even into us and among us. 

We rejoice for Your first coming, give thanks for Your advent in our hearts, and wait in longing anticipation for Your final return. Hasten not to linger from us, but come quickly, we pray. 

You inhabit all of the spaces of the galaxy and cosmos, yet You have come to earth and made the souls of sinful man Your home. Come even into us and among us.

The advent of Your arrival always brings with it new life and light, for from You, the Father of All Living Things, does the Breath of Life flow. As you breathed life into the lungs of Adam, calling him from dust to living being, so come into our hearts and revive us from dead men into living children, to the praise of Your glory and grace. 

May Your comings be praised with our lips and testified by our lives. 

O Christ, how blessed is Your blood of covering upon us!

Come even into us and among us.”

Prayer of Petition IX – Advent was written by Emma Schramm as a part of a small collection of prayers in 2019.

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