I am Eve

I am sinful

I am woman

And I am Eve

Every time my womb contracts with pain, I am reminded

I speak with sharpened tongue

And turn a cold shoulder like I have all power

Yet my very heart that pumps my blood is beating to the rhythm of death

My days are numbered

Like a number marking a slave,

Each breath is etched with the mark of death

Life slips away

I am a captive of death, and it is of my own doing

Oh! But I thought the fruit would be sweet

And indeed the serpent promised it would

Decay is in the marrow of my bones

And my blood runs wild with bitterness

Is there no hope?

I am dead and I am dying

This is, after all, just what I deserve

I reached. Grasped. And ate.

My eyes were opened

and I saw that I was naked

Sin takes all goodness, and gives only death

To have Eden again!

To have God.

  • •  •

Enter the Christ man

Perfection dressed in humble clothes and humble heart

Fully God. Fully man.

He walks through the dust on His journey to the cross

And as His arms are spread, flesh hanging, blood marking the ground of Golgotha,

He reaches, takes hold, and puts the weight of the bite upon Himself

Death is now upon Him

He looks in to the eyes of woman, of Eve

And as His life gives way to death, and then death again to life,

He crushes the head of the deceitful serpent

Sinful woman can be reconciled to holy God

Death has lost

And love has won!




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